The Total Drum Cage is our introduction to fully-enclosed isolation booths. If you are looking for an entry level solution at great value, look no further.

Because of the lightweight modular design, the Total Drum Cage can easily be assembled/disassembled in minutes with just 2 people.

Each Cage is built by hand guaranteeing a perfect fit and finish.

Why Upgrade? Product Description
Air Flow Air Circulation System Dual ball-bearing fans mounted inside acoustic foam-insulated silencer box. Conveniently mounts to exterior of wall panels.
Dimensions: 9"W x 7"D x 75"H
Mobility Floor (on casters) Allows for mobility of entire enclosure. Features aluminum frame with heavy-duty low profile casters and two access panels.
Adds 7" to overall height.
Sound Control Pyramid Foam Treatment Panels Best option for studio quality sound control. Removable pyramid foam treatment covers door, wall and ceiling panels.
Panels are 2" thick.
Acoustic Panels A step up from the standard wall panels, these carpet-wrapped acoustic panels cover all wall and ceiling panels.
Panels are 1.5" thick.



Standard panel with no additional sound absorption  added.


2-inch pyramid foam reduces exterior db and absorbs interior sound.

Removable panels cover wall, ceiling and door.


Additional 1-1/2-inch rigid acoustic insulation on wall and ceiling panels, plus 1 side laminated hardboard.


Aluminum-framed, low-profile floor on heavy-duty lockable casters allows easy moving. Panels on either side provide access to casters.
Optional 2'' insulation treatment available.

Dimensions: 93"W x 93"D x 7"H




Dual 123 cfm ball-bearing fans circulate air. One fan supplies cage with outside air and the other moves inside air to outside. Insulated to reduce fan noise. Conveniently mounts to wall panel.

Dimensions: 9"W x 7"D x 75"H

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  • 2 Ceiling Panels
  • Accessory Bar for mounting microphones and lights
  • 3 Interchangeable Wall Panels with welded aluminum frames
  • 30-inch Entry Door Panel
  • Cable Access
  • Seamless Polycarbonate Shield
  • Simple Assembly
  • Dimensions: 93"W x 93"D x 80"H